Vacuum Cooler
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Vacuum Cooler
Product features and main components
Vacuum cooler is not a cold storage equipment, but cooling processing equipment, it is mainly based on the physical attribute that the boiling point of water reduces as the pressure drops. During the process, pre-cooling materials are vacuumized in vacuum tank, and the surface moisture will start to boil and evaporate when pressure reaches a certain numerical value, meanwhile, taking away plenty of heat. Through these steps, so that the material to achieve rapid cooling effect.
Main feature:
  1. Fast cooling time : generally takes 20-30 minutes to cool down to the required temperature for refrigerated storage.
  2. Clean and uniform cooling : for the surface moisture evaporates and takes away internal heat in a vacuum environment, material will achieve uniform cooling inside- out, so as to restrain the growth of bacteria.
  3. High quality of the thin-layer drying effect : it can heal material epidermal damage, retaining the color, smell, taste, and extending storage period.
  4. High degree of automation , safe, reliable, and  wide applied.
Main Component:
Vacuum System
Vacuum Pump
Pre-cooling  System :
  1. Compresso :
If features owning high quality and wear-resistant bearing components, easy maintenance, speed control and stable operation. Meanwhile, it’s equipped with a high efficient air cooling motor which not only improves service life of the compressor, but high operating efficiency.
  1. Water-cooled Condenser :
If features good air tightness, high heat transfer efficiency, small volume and light weight.
  1. Cooling Tower
Cmcooling, adopting curved twill, prolongs water circulation and makes the airflow of cooling air in the tower more reasonable and air resistance is reduced to the minimum. Simultaneously, strong wind blade and long space used let the fan more stable in the operating process so as to reduce the noise greatly as well as improve the cooling effect.
Application :
Mainly used foe vegetables, fruits, cut-flower, fresh meat and aquatic product, etc.
  1. 冷却时间快:一般20-30分钟即可降到物料冷藏所需的温度
  2. 干净卫生,冷却均匀:真空环境下可以杀死并抑制细菌的滋生。且由于是物料表面水分蒸发带走自身的热量,实现由内而外的均匀降温。
  3. 薄层干燥效应品质高:有治愈保鲜物表发损伤,可保有物料本身的色,香,味,延长贮存期。
  4. 自动化程度高,安全性可靠,应用方面广
  1. 超强的排除水蒸气的能力
  2. 出囗油雾过滤器为标准配置,真空泵油循环使用,无油烟清洁、环保、省油。
  3. 可以在进口压力为大气压的情况下连续工作。
  4. 在低压强下仍能保持高的抽速。
  5. 内置自动防返油阀。
  6. 低噪音,低振动。
  7. 结构紧凑,体型小,节省空间

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